Speaking Cards

The “Speaking Cards” kit contains 36 cards that display children experiencing some of the diverse situations and feelings a child may encounter in their day-to-day lives.

Age: 4+

Best for: Therapy, educational organizations.

Nice to Meet

In this game, you can choose to speak about your own life experiences or anything else that comes to mind when looking at the card. It’s okay, and even encouraged, to speak freely about what you feel when you look at the card. This is how we get to know each other better!

Age: 4+

Best for: Parents, groups, therapy

What our happy clients say

Why People Choose Us?

We are proffesional therapists

Our games and guides are based on tools and methods from the proffesional art therapy world.

In order to provide children real tools to express themselves and connect with the people who take of them it takes a lot of thought and experience. Through our 30 years of experience we created games that have been carefully designed so as to embrace the feelings expression process and make children feel comfortable while talking about their inner world.

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