Our Story

Out of the Studio

Our game developers have been working with children, we had to explore extremely effective ways in order to find out what kids really think, to which situations they are related to, or in what ways they can express their feelings.

By Proffesionals

Our games and guides are based on tools and methods from the proffesional art therapy world. In order to provide children real tools to express themselves and connect with the people who take of them it takes a lot of thought and experience. Through our 30 years of experience we created games that have been carefully designed so as to embrace the feelings expression process and make children feel comfortable while talking about their inner world.

With Passion

Children, art therapy and emotional expression is our passion. Since we are not born with an instruction manual, our goal is to become a leading provider of information and resources for parents, therapists, and educators.

Our Story

“Every child you encounter is a divine appointment”

We are focused on making a long-term impact by helping kids to express themselves. We have a bold vision:

Create a better world through better communication.

Feeloty was founded by Drorit Bikowsky, mother, social enthusiastic and an art therapists expert in emotional expression. We strive to share the tools we find to be extremely effective with you.

Talking about feelings will help the child to better handle their life events and cope with difficult emotions. These will help you to understand the child’s emotional world from their perspective, and relate to the problems that are bothering them. 

Nothing makes us happier than being witness to the progress of children around the world who play our games.